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I started with Rachel soon after she opened her studio in 2004.  I had severe sciatica and was told by the neurosurgeon to try Pilates.  At that stage I couldn't lift my right leg up even slightly from a seated position.  Rachel rehabilitated me from that injury and subsequent problems after various surgeries (appendix, cancer, gallbladder etc). Each time she has worked with me to regain my strength. 


She works with each person individually to meet their personal needs. I observe how she works with the most advanced to least advanced clients in the same session.  Her multi-tasking abilities and thinking ahead for each client is remarkable!


Her studio atmosphere is welcoming and friendly. Her other teachers follow her lead in their manner and style.  She has a sunny disposition and brightens my day.  She has a great sense of humour at the same time as treating each client with care and patience.  Her knowledge of anatomy and how to work with each problem I have is incredible. 


Thank you Rachel for helping me heal.



Core Stability Pilates Studio is far more than a team of exceptionally caring and capable pilates instructors.


It's a warm, safe sanctuary and a genuine community where every client is welcomed, encouraged and inspired to move, and learn from, our bodies in ways that surprise, challenge and delight - every single session.


I am writing this from Edmonton, Canada, where I now live. I left Melbourne in June 2018, after 13 years of twice weekly classes at Core Stability and I miss it more than I have words for. I've found nothing to replace it - or even come close. But my love of pilates lives on, and for now I'm building a home practice, with the cues of my instructors in my mind to guide me, as well as the body I now know well, thanks to hours spent with Rachel, Shae, Suzanne and others, in that special place.


I remain forever indebted to the skillful attention and gracious support of the wonderful team at Core Stability Pilates Studio and simply cannot recommend it highly enough. 


When I was 21 years old I jumped down a cliff in Bali and injured my back (yes we all do dumb things in our youth!). I had also inherited scoliosis (curvature of the spine), hence I spent the next 30 years managing my back problems with treatments from osteopaths, acupuncturists, numerous massage therapists, and even became a yoga teacher to alleviate chronic back pain.


By the time I reached middle age I'd tried everything to 'feel good', but didn't feel in charge of my own physical wellbeing. Walking into Rachel's Pilates Studio changed all that. Not only does regular class attendance support my body's needs - (alleviating aches & pains, better posture, more energy, flexibility, body awareness)......but also nourishes my emotional well-being. 

After an hour at 'Core Stability' calmness and focus is restored.  All the teachers are consistently warm and engaging, have positive regard for all, and they are extremely knowledgeable about the human body, considering each of our unique physical needs. 


(My husband thinks the classes are beneficial too!)


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